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Reporting as a Service

Access expertly analyzed reports for informed decisions with ease, so you can focus on what matters most.

Risk Mitigation

Provide fully outsourced OT network analysis to your security program.

Time Savings

Keep internal staff focused on operations that drive business value.

Streamlined Operations

The most efficient way to analyze your OT network.

Actionable Insights

Receive reports, supporting data, and expert analysis.

Flexible Programs

Multiple options to support your needs now and in the future.

“Through teaming with Network Perception we established continuous network compliance verification processes and reports which received positive feedback during a recent TSA audit where auditors cited our TSA compliance program as BEST IN CLASS.”

— Director of Network Infrastructure at a Large Power Generation Company

NP-View Expert Insights

Each of the NP-View Report Packages includes NP Expert Insights, which contains an Executive Summary and Detailed Findings analysis of device configuration files.


Based on packages selected the Expert Insights includes:


Network Mapping Diagram Insights

• Importing and updating network device configurations
• Network map creation and maintenance


Firewall Ruleset Review Insights
• Rubric creation and application recommendations
• Ruleset justification gaps


Network Segmentation Assessment Insights
• Segmentation strategy observations and recommendations

The Benefits of NP-View

  • Automated non-intrusive generation of comprehensive network topology maps which take the place of manual drawings that can quickly get outdated.
  • Optimize operations with network visualization models used to simplify complex network structures and enhance troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Enhanced network context provided within the topology map via imported network asset and vulnerability data.
  • Simplify ruleset analysis with unified table view, color highlights and annotations for security compliance verification and justification.
  • Save time and labor reviewing access rules with dynamic drill down to the exact source location in the configuration file and highlighting overly permissive rules.
  • Identify, mitigate, and minimize the potential cybersecurity impact of human error.
  • Gain instant visibility of the network environment’s segmentation policy.
  • Strengthen defenses and understanding of network segmentation policy by providing a visual matrix detailing zone-to-zone communication access permissions.
  • Document all communication pathways to and from critical assets.
  • Identify potential misconfigurations that enable unintended access permissions.