What is NP-View?

OT Network Security Solution

NP-View takes essential auditing technology and makes it continuous for proactive OT network security that builds cyber resiliency.


NP-View creates intuitive topological maps that serve as a GPS for both technical and non-technical users, providing a unified ruleset review and insight into how to ensure network security.

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Values of the NP-View Platform

Instant Ruleset Review

NP-View allows generating, sorting, customizing, and exporting reports of all rules for supported devices in the solution.

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Automated NERC CIP Reports

Save time with NP-View's automated reports for CIP-005 and CIP-003 audits. Identify interactive remote access with path analysis.

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Topology Mapping

Visualize your network through a top down view. NP-View’s most intuitive feature lets users arrange their network view for efficient network upkeep.

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Actionable Risk Assessment

NP-View proactively ensures device compliance and security, allowing users to review and determine actions to mitigate risks within the platform.

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Attack Simulation

NP-View's stepping stone analysis shows the potential paths an asset can reach in the network, if it were to be infiltrated.

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Automated Import

NP-View can automatically retrieve configuration files from network devices, network management systems, and file shares on a custom schedule.

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NP-View Demo

“NP-View is exactly what we needed. Internally, we can design network diagrams, track equipment inventory, and monitor configurations from switches, routers, and firewalls.”

— Todd Chwialkowski, Senior NERC Compliance Specialist, EDF Renewables

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Network Topology Map

Accurate View of Your Network



  • NP-View’s visualization engine will process your information and create a dynamic, interactive network diagram
  • Drag & drop functionality makes it easy for users to configure their workspace to the view they want
  • Risk alerts and user comments appear on the relevant device

“We would generate a lot of spreadsheets and Visio diagrams to demonstrate that our networks were compliant, but Network Perception’s NP-View is basically what’s used by the auditors, so we figured if that’s what they use, that’s what we wanted to use as well.”

— David Fletcher, Lead Cybersecurity Analyst, PSEG

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Ruleset Review

Save Time Auditing Your Firewalls




  • NP-View provides access rule reports to users for efficient review of all devices rulesets and policies
  • Effectively audit your firewalls in a fraction of the time it would take within Excel spreadsheets
  • Add comments to specific access rules and export an audit trail of all user comments