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The fastest, most intuitive way to verify access policies and visualize your critical networks.

Network Perception - NP-View

The Fastest Solution to Understand OT Networks and Verify Segmentation

A lightweight, non-invasive network visualization platform for OT networks that enables security teams to rapidly identify network vulnerabilities, assess risks, and ensure compliance. NP-View creates intuitive topological maps for both technical and non-technical users, providing a unified ruleset review and insight into how to ensure network security.

Key Solutions of NP-View

Key Features of NP-View

Instant Ruleset Review

NP-View allows generating, sorting, customizing, and exporting reports of all rules for supported devices in the solution.

Risk Assessment

NP-View proactively ensures device compliance and security, allowing users to review and determine how to mitigate risks.

Attack Simulation

NP-View's stepping-stone analysis shows the potential paths an asset can reach in the network if it were to be infiltrated.

NERC CIP Reports

Save time with NP-View's automated reports for CIP-005 and CIP-003 audits. Identify interactive remote access with path analysis.

Automated Import

NP-View can automatically retrieve configuration files from network devices, management systems, and file shares on a custom schedule.

Range of Devices Supported

NP-View supports a large range of firewall, routers, and switches manufacturers.

Lightweight Setup

NP-View provides a complete network view without the need to install an agent or write to the OT network.


NP-View runs on-premise in an off-line mode and does not require an internet connection.

NP-View Demo

The Fastest Path to Comprehensive OT Network Visibility and Verification


Network Visibility: Automated Network Topology Mapping

Firewall Ruleset Auditing: Comprehensive Ruleset Verification and Justification

Network Segmentation: Network Defense through Segmentation Verification



As a native OT Network software platform company, Network Perception has focused its resources to support the Firewall, Router, and layer (3) Switch technologies. We currently support over 25 major manufacturers and continuously update our growing list of supported devices. You can find the latest list here.

NP-View can be run as a stand-alone NP-View Desktop mode or in a multi-user NP-View Server mode.

No. As a core design principle, NP-View was created to run as a “read-only” on-premises-based application that will not require any agents, sensors, shim or network tap on your OT network. NP-View can assess an existing backup of network configuration file information as a means to generate a model of your network. The model or Network Topology provides detailed path analysis across your network as well as risks & alerts on any overly permissive network configurations.

No. NP-View runs on-premise and does not require outside internet connectivity.