Instantly Verify Network Segmentation

NP-View provides proactive OT security that uses continuous visualization and risk assessment to verify network segmentation and to identify network vulnerabilities before they become breaches.

  • Import your network device configurations offline or continuously to instantly visualize your network architecture
  • Understand your network’s connectivity and the exposure of your protected assets
  • Verify access to ports and services across different trust zones


Platform Overview

Lightweight. Robust. Safe. Intuitive. One platform, three editions to best fit your needs.

Enterprise: COMING SOON
NP-View Essential

Instant Baseline Verification

Are your network devices in or out of compliance?
NP-View Essential supports the needs of organizations that are looking to start an independent verification process. Simply drag-and-drop network device configuration to automatically verify network risk posture through a clear assessment grade. Access details-on-demand through single-device topology maps that offers a baseline port-and-service analysis (connectivity matrix). Generate turn-key compliance reports in a single click (e.g., NERC CIP-005).


NP-View Professional

Complete Verification & Visualization

Is my network architecture correctly protecting our critical assets?
NP-View Professional empowers organizations to establish a consistent and documented independent verification process. Visualize your critical network topology and analyze network paths for an entire site while automatically keeping track of every change. NP-View Professional includes vulnerability information to conduct cyber vulnerability assessment, as well as a robust change tracking capability to enable differential reporting.

NP-View Enterprise

Advanced Workflow for Continuous Compliance and Security

Are my critical assets protected 24/7 by best-in-class defense-in-depth?
NP-View Enterprise is designed for organizations implementing measurable and automated network review processes. It includes dashboards, custom fields, advanced workflow automation and full API integration.

Why Network Perception?

I’ve seen a lot of products, and Network Perception fills a niche that no other product can

Chris Martin-Berry
Systems Engineer at Crown Computers Read the Case Study

Why Network Perception?

NP-View is exactly what we needed. Internally, we can design network diagrams, track equipment inventory, and monitor configurations from switches, routers, and firewalls

Todd Chwialkowski
Senior NERC Compliance Specialist at EDF Renewables Read the Case Study

Why Network Perception?

We would generate a lot of spreadsheets and Visio diagrams to demonstrate that our networks were compliant. But NP-View is what’s used by the auditors, so we figured if that’s what they use, that’s what we wanted to use as well

David Fletcher
Lead Cybersecurity Analyst at PSEG Read the case Study
80% Time saved auditing firewalls
70+ Policy Requirements Verified
25+ Firewall vendors supported
20+ Connector integrations

NP-View in Action

Network Cyber Hygiene: Verified.

Network Perception is the choice of regulators because it is independent and comprehensive. NP-View focuses on your network architecture to provide insight into your exposure and potential future risk. By analyzing network topology rather than live traffic, Network Perception is lightweight and provides instant value through frictionless deployment

Automated Risk Assessment

Drag-and-drop your firewall rulesets and get an instant risk assessment of your access control lists and rules. Tailored to prepare and verify baseline ports and services documentation for stress-free audit compliance.

Seamless Change Tracking

Import multiple versions of your configuration files into NP-View to automatically compare rules, object groups, and connectivity paths that have been added, modified, or removed.

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NP-View solves your security verification and visualization challenge by performing an automated and comprehensive analysis of your critical network.