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Firewall Auditing Software

Normalize rulesets, quickly flag un-justified rules, and highlight overly permissive rules greatly improving the accuracy and reducing the manual effort required for firewall ruleset review.

NP-View’s Solutions to Firewall Auditing

Instant Ruleset Review

NP-View generates standard reports of access policy rules for all major firewall providers which can be exported for further analysis.

Network Visualization

Understand and verify complex network topologies in minutes thanks to NP-View’s powerful modeling engine.

Network Risk Analysis

Verify network segmentation and evaluate attack surface with accurate path analysis and stepping stone visualization.

Proactive Risk Alerts

Receive alerts within the NP-View platform for overly permissive rules, unsecured network protocols, firewall misconfigurations, and more.

NP-View Path Analysis Demo

“Back then, we would have to take the raw file and parse it manually. I simply did not have the capacity to handle the work quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, we now use NP-View.”

— Michiko Sell, NERC CIP Services Supervisor at NAES

Ruleset Review

Save Time Auditing Your Firewalls

  • NP-View provides access rule reports to users for efficient review of all devices’ rulesets and policies
  • Effectively audit your firewalls in a fraction of the time it would take within Excel spreadsheets
  • Add comments to specific access rules and export an audit trail of all user comments

“Internally, we can design network diagrams, track equipment inventory, and monitor configurations from switches, routers, and firewalls. We can also put IP and host lists together—something that’s not easy to do without NP-View.”

— Todd Chwialkowski, Senior NERC Compliance Specialist at EDF Renewables North America

Firewall Auditing FAQ

Auditing a firewall involves evaluating its configuration, access rules, and overall effectiveness to ensure it aligns with security best practices and organizational requirements.

The purpose of a firewall audit is to assess the effectiveness and security of an organization’s firewall infrastructure. Firewalls play a crucial role in network security by monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

The correct tool for reviewing firewall rules is one that assists in assessing the effectiveness, correctness, and security of firewall configurations. NP-View is a leading solution for firewall ruleset review, and can also be used to alert for any misconfigurations in firewalls.