Network Visualization

Visualize and Analyze Your Network Topology.

The NP-View firewall compliance platform includes a collection of cyber risk alerts designed to ensure that firewall misconfigurations and cyber vulnerabilities are instantly identified. Each time a change in the network is detected, the cyber risk analysis checkers automatically run over the modified configuration files to report possible issues with firewall compliance.

Network Risk Assessment and Architecture Review

Real-Time Network Risk Analysis.

We use network segmentation and cybersecurity solutions for accurate connectivity paths, vulnerability visualizations, and topology mapping to help you identify and secure your cyber assets. NP-View’s cyber risk assessment tool sends instant alerts when the network changes to expose vulnerabilities and accidental or intentional misconfigurations. Automatically prioritize risk events according to network exposure.

Firewall Ruleset Representation and Policy Review

Analysis & Report of Your Security Configuration.

Network Perception’s device groups feature enables you to group your devices based on any common aspect of your firewall configuration. Our firewall compliance software makes it easy to configure policy rules and the objects they reference. NP-View creates intuitive topological maps that serve as a GPS for both technical and non-technical users, providing a unified ruleset review and insight into how to ensure network security.

Expand and Customize Risk Alerts

Policy requirements can be customized to better fit your needs. Alert criticalities can be configured. New requirements can be added and applied to specific groups of network devices.

Risk alerts included:

  • Detect overly permissive access rules
  • Report unsecured network protocols
  • Identify misconfigurations in configuration files
  • Alerts for potential risks and their criticality
  • Add customized actions and comments
  • Clean up unused rules and object groups
  • Import security advisories to check for vulnerabilities

See how to review firewall rulesets from three partners: Cisco, Check Point, and Palo Alto

Export Network Security Audit Reports

Improve your firewall compliance with software to generate comprehensive security assessment reports for a variety of devices and export them in various formats, including HTML and PDF for human review or CSV, XML, and JSON for third-party integration. Export alerts by email or send them to your SIEM through Syslog.

Firewall Compliance Software for OT Networks

Firewall Compliance Standards require utilities to adopt precise procedures and verify their implementation. NP-View’s leading platform can help save time and resources in assessing and managing your firewall compliance and help you with firewall auditing. 

We protect your critical OT networks with tools to assess your network’s security and ensure that misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are instantly identified and communicated for total firewall compliance.