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In the automotive manufacturing industry, information is often shared across both IT and OT platforms which can increase the cybersecurity vulnerability threat landscape. With intuitive visualization and independent verification for network segmentation, Network Perception instantly and safely ensures protection while preventing lateral movement.

Update without Disruption

Transportation manufacturing companies must be proactive in securing their environments by knowing what is on their networks and where it can reach, while not impacting manufacturing processes and safety systems. Unlike most traditional IT/security software, NP-View can be deployed in a few hours and offers a simple workflow for non-technical users, making it the ideal solution for companies looking to provide network access updates without disruption.

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Discover how the cybersecurity community depends uses NP-View as part of their comprehensive Resiliency Strategy across the complete infrastructure network. Request a Live Demo and see for yourself how to leverage a dynamic visual topology diagram of your architecture to precisely and continuously understand your risk exposure.

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