New EPA Cybersecurity Requirements Coming Soon

August 23, 2022

This month, the Biden administration announced that the EPA will soon issue a rule integrating cybersecurity requirements into the Sanitary Surveys that states are required to conduct at water facilities.

“Our strategy is to use current authorities fully, said a senior administration official, who requested anonymity to discuss internal planning. “We identified that EPA’s current safety and security authorities allow them to roll cybersecurity in.” The EPA rule will be “modeled after” TSA’s recently issued regulations, the official said, “including a process for input from the sector.”

This announcement concerns some as the rule could create new burdens for state utility overseers that have to hire new inspectors, train existing workers on cybersecurity or readjust inspection schedules to accommodate the new elements of the surveys.

But with Network Perceptions lightweight, intuitive platform NP-View, operators at water facilities can save time and resources while remaining compliant with any new regulations. NP-View  automatically constructs the network’s topology and verifies connectivity paths to expose what potential paths an adversary can take in the event of a breach. The results can be easily converted into actionable security and compliance reports, reducing the likelihood of human error and cutting time spent auditing firewalls by +50 percent.

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