Automated Risk Assessment

Drag-and-drop firewall rulesets and get an instant risk assessment of your access control lists and rules. Tailored to prepare and verify baseline ports and services documentation for stress-free audit compliance.

Seamless Change Tracking

Import multiple versions of your configuration files into NP-View to automatically compare rules, object groups, and connectivity paths that have been added, modified, or removed.

Lightweight and Frictionless

Unlike most traditional IT/security software, NP-View can be deployed in a few hours and offers a simple workflow for non-technical users.

Collaborative and User Interface

Different groups of users can align through one collaborative interface.

Independent and Verifiable

NP-View works offline and does not write to the network. The lightweight approach uniquely provides instant network visibility with full device path context. NP automates firewall compliance and serves as an independent and verifiable source of evidence.

Supports Heterogeneous Networks

Parsers for 25 network device manufactuers enable NP-View to represent complex networks made of multiple vendors.

NP-View Product Overview

Network Architecture Diagram - Server

Network Architecture Diagram - Desktop