Network Perception is on a mission to protect critical infrastructure and enable OT/ICS teams to verify and visualize theircritical OT networks. In the 2022 NP-View Platform, NP has achieved an important milestone to the benefit of our customers. Beginning in May, NP-View will be available in three functional Editions:

  • NP-View Essential
  • NP-View Professional
  • NP-View Enterprise

Networks grow in size and complexity. Determined adversaries are increasingly targeting ICS/OT networks with advanced sophistication. The NP-View Platform is a single platform with three Editions to allow customers to add more functional capabilities as they mature in their cyber security business processes and cyber resiliency posture.

This Edition release is the culmination of a year’s long effort to better understand our customers needs and to meet prospective customers in the marketplace where they operate.  Network Perception releases new functional capabilities several times a year through various releases, but this is the first Edition-level change in several years.

The three Editions map to the Department of Energy cybersecurity capability maturity model (C2M2). The NP-View Platform supports teams and organizations across the spectrum of basic validation of cyber security to the highly sophisticated and custom programs for OT/ICS network analysis, visibility and resilience.

The codebase of the platform is not changing and customers will seamlessly transition to the new Editions when they install the new product release this year. NP-View has two versions: NP-View Java and NP-View HTML. The update to NP-View Professional Desktop will coincide with the subscription renewal, unless customers elect to update early. The NP-View Professional Desktop will have the same user interface as the NP-View HTML look and feel.  For a detailed description of the functionality see the Transition diagram at the end of this document.

Yes, the release includes an entirely new NP-View tier called NP-View Essential.

NERC is using NP-View Professional Desktop as part of the NERC Align project. The NERC regional regulators are transitioning to NP-View Professional Desktop from NP-View Java throughout 2022.

Yes, a separate team at Network Perception works closely to communicate and provide education for the regional audit teams.

Customers should call or email their local account teams.  If you're uncertain about who to contact, you can send an email to

Yes, Network Perception has a team to ensure that NERC and the Align project transitions to NP-View Professional Desktop.

You can reach out to NP Support or contact your NP Account team. If you're uncertain about who to call, you can send an email to

NP-View Essential and NP-View Professional will be available in May. NP-View Enterprise will be available in August. Current NP-View and NP-Live customers will roll onto the NP-View Platform release at the annual subscription renewal period.

Yes, however implementing the use of one of the new NP-View platform tiers as soon as possible will afford you the opportunity to take advantage of the innovative and new product releases that are unique to the NP-View Platform. The new Editions provide users a more comprehensive network mapping and overall significantly enhanced ability to see and respond to network vulnerabilities. Your account representative is available to assist your transition to the new NP-View Platform.

The functional details are listed in the Comparison diagram # 1

Yes, while NP-View is a common platform, the three Editions offer increasing levels of functionality and business value. The NP field specialist teams can provide pricing details.

Current NP-View and NP-Live customers DO NOT need any new training. Network Perception offers training with new training programs in development. It would be best to speak to NP field specialist teams on the latest training options available to you. We DO have a dedicated team to support you with the migration, as applicable, to the desired NP-View Platform Edition.

We understand and completely support the audit preparation and evidence collection process. It would be best to speak to NP field specialist teams as well as your regional regulators on the related NP-View release level associated with your audit.

No. For Customers who are migrating from NP-View Java to NP-View Professional, there will be noted increased functionality with regard to user interface as well as a unique feature built-in that tracks devices so that you never have to scrap a project. You simply upload a new config file and NP-View Professional will show you the changes that have occurred since the configuration was last uploaded (connected). This new feature is aligned with the latest initiatives to evolve from a point in time auditing solution to facilitate continuous network visibility.

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