Legacy Infrastructure Contributed to Water Crisis in Mississippi

September 8, 2022
Floods in Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi has been under a boil-water mandate since the 50 million-gallon-a-day water treatment plant went offline in late August as local flooding caused water pressures to drop precipitously. This has effected approximately 180,000 people in Jackson—a large percentage of whom live below the poverty level—depend on the Ridgeland, Miss., treatment plant for drinking water.

This water crisis shows the struggles that many rural, underserved communities face in maintaining utilities security and are in desperate need for system modernization. Organizations such as these are responsible for the critical infrastructure that we all depend on yet don’t often have the necessary funding or facilities to update their legacy infrastructure.

This leads the infrastructure to be vulnerable to things like extreme weather and damaging malware attacks. While organizations may not have the time or resources to shut down to update their facilities, they can invest in an offline, light-weight network visibility solution such as NP-View to increase their cyber resiliency and protect their mission critical assets.

To learn more about how you can proactively protect your critical assets, watch this live demo recording of Network Perception’s NP-View.



Source: ENR; “Plans Outlined to Fund Jackson, Miss., Water Treatment Plant Repair”