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Manage Views


In NP-View there are three levels of segmentation that can be used to organize your assets. From the most general to most specific these are:

  1. Workspaces: Contain a group of devices
  2. Views: Segments the devices present in a workspace into multiple views
  3. Zones: Segments the devices present in a view into multiple visual zones

This article will focus on Views and the different functionality around them.


Home View

  • After creating a workspace and uploading 1 or more configuration files, NP-View will automatically generate the Home View.
  • The Home View presents a high level overview of the primary devices within the workspace (Firewalls, Routers, and Switches).  It is the starting point for all workspaces.
  • To view assets connected to the primary devices as well as path analysis a new view must be created. (All views other than the home view will contain all the assets connected to the selected primary devices along with path analysis data.



Manage Views

Manage Views: All View related functions can be accessed from the main menu under Manage Views and can be opened from:

  1. The main menu
  2. With the shortcut key “V”
  3. From the view navigation bar at the top of the map
  4. Right click on a node or group and using the right-click menu


Creating a View

When opening Manage Views in a workspace that contains only the Home View, you cannot edit the Home View, so a new view will need to be created.

  1. Open Manage Views
  2. Select Create New View
  3. Name the View
  4. Choose the Devices and/or Auxiliary Data to include in the new view
  5. Choose whether or not to include external paths (This can provide a more complete picture but significantly increases build time, and is not always necessary)
  6. Create View
  7. The view will be created in the background allowing continued use of the home view until the analysis has completed and the view has been built.
  8. Once completed, the topology map will switch to the newly created view with the view details.


Note: Devices can be connected by a solid or dotted line. A solid line indicates evidence of a direct connections. A dotted path represents a connection that is inferred from the information provided (e.g., a layer 2 connection). Additional configuration data is required to convert inferred to direct connections.


Server diagram'



Editing View

For existing views, Manage Views can be used to:

  • Rename a view – Select the pencil to invoke the name editor.
  • Add or Remove devices from the view – Select a view from the Manage Views panel and use the checkboxes to add/remove, then save the view.
  • Delete the view – Select the Trashcan (only the view will be removed, not data will be deleted)





Views are limited by the product purchased as outlined below:

  • Essential: 15 single device views per user per workspace
  • Professional: 25 single device or custom views per user per workspace
  • Enterprise: 25 single device or custom views per user per workspace


View Navigation

Navigation between views can be accessed in 2 ways

  1. By selecting a View in Manage Views (*left)
  2. By opening the View Nav dropdown above the Topology (*right)

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