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When entering NP-View, the user will be presented with the home page through which workspaces are available.

Workspaces are used to organize devices into functional segments for analysis and visualization. Creating a workspace or selecting an existing workspace will open the Workspace canvas into which device configurations can be imported and analyzed.

Administrators and Workspace Admin’s can create a new workspace by clicking “add a new workspace”, naming the workspace and selecting the compliance framework to assign to the workspace. The selection of the compliance framework enables or disables compliance-specific features and reports available within the workspace. A workspace name may only contain alphanumeric, underscore, or hyphen characters. It must have at least 3 characters and no more than 24.

After clicking the “Create Workspace” button, a new, empty workspace will be created where the user can begin importing configuration files. Workspaces are designed to allow the user to segment their network devices for easy reporting and visualization.

Workspaces are limited by the product purchased as outlined below:

  • Essential: 5 workspaces per user
  • Professional: 250 workspaces per user
  • Enterprise: 250 workspaces per user

Workspace Support Functions

Each workspace has three associated support functions in the upper right corner of each workspace icon.  The pencil allows the user to edit the workspace name. The arrow provides assess to several workspace functions, Export, Transfer and Share. The X is used to delete the workspace removing all related data.

Edit Workspace

Administrators and Workspace Admin’s can edit the name of workspaces. Clicking on the pencil will enter edit mode.

The user can change the name and click save to rename or click the x to cancel the edit.

Workspace Export

Administrators and Workspace Admin’s can export a workspace for backup and retention purposes.  Using the share workspace features, the user can select to export the workspace.  Once export is selected, a background task will be initiated to create a downloadable image.  This process can take several minutes depending on the complexity of the workspace.  Once processing is complete, the user can return to the share function screen and download the image. The user also has the ability to delete the image from the server.

workspace options

Workspace Import

Administrator and Workspace Admin’s can import a previously saved workspace file.  The user can drag and drop the backup image on to the workspace page or into an open workspace. If the user loads a backup workspace into an existing workspace, the workspace contents will be replaced with the contents of the uploaded image. If the user loads the backup workspace onto the workspaces page, it will be processed as if it is a new workspace and request name and compliance type. When a workspace file is imported, complete end-to-end processing of the data is required and may take several minutes for the topology to render. Workspaces exported from NP-View Professional Desktop can be shared with users of NP-View Professional Server (licensing rules apply).

Users & Groups

For server products, each user will be assigned by the administrator to one of three user groups, Administrator, Workspace Admin and Viewer. Administrator and Workspace Admin’s can create and view workspaces. Administrators have access to all users workspaces including other administrators. Workspace Admins have access to their own workspaces and to ones that are shared with them. Viewers have no authoring capability and can only view workspaces that have been shared with them by Administrators or Workspace Admin’s.

Workspace Collaboration Functions

Administrator and Workspace Admin’s have access to two workspace collaboration functions.  Transfer and Share workspace.

Share Workspace

Administrator and Workspace Admin’s can share a workspace with a role or individual users.  The shared users roles apply to the shared workspace. If a workspace is shared with a user, the workspace cannot be transferred to the shared user. The workspace must first be unshared prior to attempting the transfer. Administrators can view and share workspaces of all users using the “Show” feature. Workspace Admins can only view and share workspaces they have created.

workspace options

Transfer Workspace

Administrator and Workspace Admin’s can transfer a workspace to another Administrator or Workspace Admin.  The transferred users role applies to the transferred workspace. Administrators can view using the “Show” feature and transfer workspaces of all users. Workspace Admins can only view and transfer workspaces they have created.

workspace options

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