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Asset Inventory Report

This article will focus on the Asset Inventory Report.

NP-View uses reports to present network information related to the open workspace.  These reports are available to all users and can be accessed from the main menu. For more information visit the Workspace Reports Overview article.

Asset Inventory

This report provides a summary of all assets loaded into the workspace including: Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Gateways and Hosts.


  • Alias: List of alternative names identified in configuration(s) or auxiliary data, separated by “:”.
  • Category: User assigned category from the topology map.
  • Created At: Time and date when the device was added to the workspace.
  • Created By: Files used to create the device or host.
  • Criticality: User assigned criticality from the topology map.
  • Description: Description from the configuration file if available.
  • ID: Internal asset id used for table display purposes.
  • IP address: IP address of the device, gateway, or host.
  • Label: Initially mirroring the Name field but can be changed by the user on the topology map and represented in this field.
  • MAC Address: The MAC addresses assigned to the devices, typically from auxiliary data.
  • Name: Device host name as defined in a configuration file.
  • OS: Host operating system derived from third party data files.
  • Security Zone: The security zone assigned from the configuration file.
  • Services: Host services derived from third party data files.
  • Type: Device type; firewall, router, switch, gateway, host, unmapped host.
  • Updated At: Time and date when the device was last updated (configuration change).
  • Updated By: Type of file used to update the device.
  • Zone: The zone assigned from the topology map.



Unmapped – What is it?

For some devices there may be a large number of hosts defined in the Asset Inventory but less shown on the Topology Map. These “missing hosts” are not actually missing on the map, they are hidden in a Gateway node titled ‘Unmapped’.


If an IP address is displayed as this device has an IP address assigned by DHCP and while the device was detected, an IP address could not be extracted, and it would be said to be an Unmapped Host. Unmapped hosts have enough information for identification but not for mapping purposes on the topology map.  These ‘invisible’ hosts are located behind the Unmapped, or other, gateways and can be seen in a given gateway’s peer list.


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