Bolstering Network Segmentation with NP-View: A Cyber Hygiene Perspective

April 11, 2024


In our modern digital age, the sophistication of cyber threats continues to evolve, demanding advanced defenses that are continuously validated and reinforced. A cornerstone of cyber resilience is network segmentation – a strategy that compartmentalizes networks to limit unauthorized access and lateral movement which can mitigate or prevent potential breaches. This article explores how Network Perception’s NP-View plays a pivotal role in enhancing cyber hygiene through effective network segmentation, aligning with our series’ focus on proactive cyber hygiene in pursuit of cyber resilience.



The Criticality of Network Segmentation as Good Cyber Hygiene Practice

Cyber hygiene encompasses the practices and steps organizations undertake to maintain the health and security of their network infrastructure. Network segmentation is a critical cyber hygiene practice, essential for:

  • Isolating critical assets to reduce their attack surface.
  • Limiting the lateral movement of cyber threats within networks to prevent pivoting attacks.
  • Providing visibility and understanding of data flows and critical access paths to assess configuration risk.

Despite its benefits, implementing and managing network segmentation can be daunting, requiring precise analysis and understanding of network configurations and access controls which can be a large manual effort for teams that are already resource constrained.



How NP-View Facilitates Effective Network Segmentation

NP-View stands at the forefront of enhancing and verifying network segmentation strategies. By offering a lightweight, non-intrusive network modeling platform, NP-View provides automated generation of network topology diagrams which efficiently enable organizations to embrace network segmentation as a core aspect of their cyber hygiene practices with minimal resource effort and no risk to operations.


1. Visualizing Network Topology and Segmentation: NP-View’s intuitive interface allows users to visualize their entire network topology, making it simple to identify and plan effective segmentation strategies. This automated visual modeling approach demystifies the complexities of network architecture, facilitating strategic decisions that bolster secure device configurations and resulting cyber security program posture.


2. Firewall Ruleset Auditing for Segmentation Integrity: Central to NP-View’s capabilities is its comprehensive firewall ruleset auditing. By simplifying ruleset analysis with a unified table view, color highlights, and annotations, NP-View ensures that cyber security policy compliance verification and documented rule justification are straightforward and efficient. This recurring procedure is crucial for maintaining the integrity of network segmentation policy, allowing for the quick and efficient identification of overly permissive rules that could undermine segmentation efforts.


3. Dynamic Drill-Down for Efficient Rule Management: Time is of the essence in OT cyber security and operations. NP-View’s automated dynamic drill-down feature allows users to quickly navigate to the exact configuration file location of rules flagged as high-risk, greatly improving accuracy and saving valuable time and labor in manually reviewing device configurating files. This efficiency is vital to support continuous verification of segmentation policy in response to evolving threats and ongoing network device configuration changes. 


4. Mitigating Human Error: Human error remains a significant cause of cybersecurity vulnerability. The NP-View platform allows quick identification and mitigation of high-risk configurations to minimize the potential cybersecurity impacts of human errors, ensuring that segmentation strategies are not compromised by accidental misconfigurations.




As we continue to navigate the complexities and evolution of cybersecurity threats, the importance of robust network segmentation as a component of cyber hygiene cannot be overstated. NP-View is a critical platform in this endeavor, offering the tools and insights necessary to implement effective segmentation strategies with zero impact to operations and minimal resource burden to already constrained teams. By enhancing network visibility, simplifying firewall rule auditing, and ensuring the rapid verification of network segmentation configurations, NP-View empowers organizations to fortify their defenses and maintain optimal cyber hygiene in pursuit of cyber resilience.

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