White Paper: Using NP-View to prepare for a NERC CIP-005 audit

Our mission is to protect critical assets.

At Network Perception, we believe organizations can safeguard and maintain critical infrastructure by virtue of their ability to anticipate, withstand, recover, and adapt to adverse conditions. Like an immune system that continuously monitors and alerts, organizations are architecting their IT / OT networks with independent verification. This means they can increase the frequency of monitoring controls based on criticality and network dynamics. Our purpose is to guide them on their journey to become cyber resilient by highlighting vulnerabilities and creating a user-friendly way of visualizing this complex ecosystem. Network Perception helps organizations address network compliance and security while driving sustainable cyber resiliency in the future.

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Why Network Perception?

Network Perception proactively and continuously assures the security of critical OT assets with intuitive network segmentation verification and visualization.

Our platform, NP View, takes essential auditing technology and makes it continuous for proactive OT network security that builds cyber resiliency. Our software solution creates intuitive topological maps that serve as a GPS for both technical and non-technical users, providing a unified ruleset review and insight into how to ensure network security. Threats don’t wait for an audit, and neither should you. With Network Perception, you know your risk now and always and protect your critical networks with:


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Better, Faster NERC CIP Vulnerability Assessments Using NP-View
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What is Cyber Resiliency, and why is it important?


“I’ve seen a lot of products, and Network Perception fills a niche that no other product can”
window ceiling
Chris Martin-Berry
Systems Engineer , Crown Computer
“We would generate a lot of spreadsheets and Visio diagrams to demonstrate that our networks were compliant. But NP-View is what’s used by the auditors, so we figured if that’s what they use, that’s what we wanted to use as well ”
overhead view of industrial plant
David Fletcher
Lead Cybersecurity Analyst , PSEG
“NP-View is exactly what we needed. Internally, we can design network diagrams, track equipment inventory, and monitor configurations from switches, routers, and firewalls”
Windmill in clouds
Todd Chwialkowski
Senior NERC Compliance Specialist , EDF Renewables

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