Home View

The Home View shows the user a high-level overview of the primary devices within a workspace (Firewalls, Routers, and Switches). The home view is the starting point for all workspaces. Devices can be connected by a solid or dotted line. A solid line indicates evidence of a direct connection.

Topology Network Map

From the topology view, the user can rearrange the objects on the canvas by selecting and dragging a device to a new location. The device location will be autosaved. Devices can be assigned a name (e.g., grey text tag), a category (colored text tag), and criticality (colored ring).

Firewall Device Information

For Firewalls, Routers, and Switches, when selecting a device, the device attributes will be displayed on the left device information menu. The device panel will be displayed with the appropriate label. The device type is defined by heuristics.  If the device is misclassified, clicking on the drop-down allows the user to reclassify the device as a firewall, router, or switch.

Host Information

Display inbound / outbound connectivity paths as well as displaying traces and stepping stone analysis.  Inbound and outbound connections are filtered to show the exact match for a given path. In some cases, no inbound or outbound paths will be displayed.

Custom View

Custom views are used to organize devices and analyze the paths between the devices. Path analysis and stepping stone analysis is only available from within a custom view. To create a custom view, select two or more devices using Shift + drag or Ctrl + Click to select the device.  Once selected, right-click to present the menu option.  Name the view, select “Create View” and the view creation will begin as a background task.

Network and Gateway Information

For networks and gateways, the panel to the left will be displayed. The user can rename the device, and assign a category and a device criticality. Additional information includes being able to review the IP address of the connected hosts.

Connectivity Paths

When displaying the device menu for a specific device, clicking on the arrow (>) will expand the inbound and outbound connections.  Clicking on any service or IP will highlight the path on the topology map.  Source objects are designated by blue circles (Src) and destination objects are highlighted by red circles (Dest).

Stepping Stone Analysis

Clicking on the stepping stone button will invoke the stepping stone analysis.  The stepping stone analysis depicts the number of hops away from the target device other devices are.