NP Welcomes New Members of OT Cybersecurity Coalition

June 30, 2022
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June 30, 2022


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Three New Members Join Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition 


Washington, DC – The Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition (OT Cyber Coalition) announced today that Microsoft, NetRise, and Schneider Electric have joined the Coalition in its commitment to ensuring the resiliency of our nation’s critical infrastructure through interoperable, standards-based cybersecurity solutions.


“As leaders in the cybersecurity community, these new members add crucial knowledge about securing operational technology environments,” said Andrew Howell, Executive Director, OT Cyber Coalition. “We look forward to having their voices as part of the Coalition in our ongoing engagement efforts.”


Microsoft, NetRise, and Schneider Electric join the Coalition as it continues to engage with industry and government to advocate for vendor-neutral, interoperable standards and help businesses of all sizes strengthen the nation’s collective defense.


“We’re honored to be a member of the Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition and look forward to collaborating with industry partners to advance operational technology cybersecurity,” said Kevin Reifsteck, Director for Critical Infrastructure Protection, Microsoft. “Rapid digital transformation has increased cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure, and partnerships like this are key to strengthening our country’s cybersecurity defenses.”


“The OT Cyber Coalition is an important step forward in driving vendor transparency and collaboration in operational technology,” said Thomas Pace, CEO, NetRise. “We look forward to joining the Coalition and driving increased visibility to risk across the wide variety of technologies that encompass operational technology.”


“We’re very pleased to be joining the OT Cyber Coalition,” said Trevor Rudolph, VP, Global Digital Policy & Regulation, Schneider Electric. “As a critical manufacturer in the OT space, we take the cybersecurity of OT products and systems very seriously. Schneider Electric is joining the Coalition because of the important role it plays in advocating for constructive OT cybersecurity policy directly with U.S. government officials.”





About the OT Cyber Coalition


The Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition is a diverse group of leading cybersecurity vendors dedicated to improving the cybersecurity of OT environments. Representing the entire OT lifecycle, the OT Cyber Coalition believes that the strongest, most effective approach to securing our nation’s critical infrastructure is one that is open, vendor-neutral, and allows for diverse solutions and information sharing without compromising cybersecurity defenses. The OT Cyber Coalition was founded by Claroty, Forescout, Honeywell, Nozomi Networks, and Tenable in 2022. For more information, visit