CS2AI Cybersecurity 4 Energy Virtual Symposium Recording

February 2, 2022
Control System Cyber Security for Energy

In case you missed it, we partnered with (CS)²AI and Q-Net Security on January 19th for a virtual symposium focused on securing and protecting electrical operations and power grids. Our expert panel of thought leaders in the electric sector discussed tangible recommendations and best practices for electric utilities to address current and upcoming compliance and cybersecurity challenges.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Robin Berthier, demonstrated how to improve firewall rule change review through a 5-step workflow. A timely topic since a majority of attendees selected network architecture and segmentation as their top priority when asked which cybersecurity area would they most like to improve this year.

See what else the panel had to say:

  • Melissa Hathaway | President of Hathaway Global Strategies | Electric Sector Digital Resilience – A Global Perspective
  • Marc Rogers | VP of Cybersecurity at Okta | Hands-on Experience on Exploit
  • Ben Sooter | Principal Project Manager | Responding to High Impact Cyber Security Events in Operations
  • Branko D. Terzic | Former FERC Commissioner | Challenges for Electric Utilities
  • Philip Huff | University of Arkansas | Vulnerability Management for Electric Utilities
  • Saman Zonouz | Associate Professor at Rutgers University | Threats to Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Todd Chwialkowski | EDF Renewables | Implementing Electronic Security Control