Ted Greene Discusses Changing Careers to the Cybersecurity Field with Derek Harp

July 6, 2022
Changing Careers to the Cybersecurity Field




Ted Greene, the Chief Operating Officer at Network Perception, joined Host and CEO of CS2AI Derek Harp on CS2AI Podcast Show.

Ted is a Visionary Leader with a strong customer focus. He has a proven record of creating high revenue growth businesses that create shareholder value through new product introduction, identifying new market opportunities, leveraging opportunities with existing customers, solution-oriented sales, acquisition, and strong relationship development.

Ted is an entrepreneur. He is also a husband, father of three, thinker, strategist, and workaholic.

In this episode of the (CS)²AI Podcast, he talks about his background, career journey, and various entrepreneurial ventures.

This episode will interest you if you are a leader in another industry and thinking of entering the field of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • When he was twelve years old, Ted got a job as a paper boy. He has been working ever since then. (3:37)
  • Ted explains why he went into banking and talks about the different banks where he has worked. (5:38)
  • He explains why he quit his job to start his first business with a friend who was an early technologist. (7:32)
  • They became one of the first internet technology companies in the Midwest in 1994. (9:28)
  • Why will people entering the ICS space have decades of job security in that space? (13:58)
  • At this point, people in our country expect the critical infrastructure to be there and work. So it’s often hard to get their attention around that. (17:21)
  • Ted talks about his experience of co-founding several different companies. (21:09)
  • How Ted’s early experiences led to him starting Network Perception. (25:40)
  • Ted shares the key to being a successful entrepreneur. (27:40)
  • Ted always focuses on staying relevant and strategies for growth in his businesses. (31:41)
  • Ted offers advice for people considering bringing their experience from senior levels in other sectors to the cybersecurity sector. (40:44)
  • There are many exciting opportunities for growth in the cybersecurity space. (46:55)