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June 1, 2023
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May 25, 2023
Broad campaign underway to access US critical infrastructure using small, home office devices
Microsoft researchers and federal authorities have warned about a cyber campaign targeting U.S. critical infrastructure providers, possibly linked to China.
The hackers are using compromised devices from popular brands to disrupt communications with Asia, employing tactics to evade detection. It is crucial to conduct firewall audits and implement segmentation between IT and OT networks to restrict access and prevent potential breaches in the OT environment if actors gain access to IT networks. Read full article here
May 23, 2023
CISA, FBI, NSA, and MS-ISAC released an updated #StopRansomware Guide. This guide incorporates lessons learned since the initial release, addressing the increasing prevalence of ransomware attacks. The updates include co-authorship by the FBI and NSA, prevention recommendations for initial infection vectors, and mapping to CISA’s Cybersecurity Performance Goals.
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May 16, 2023
“Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyberattacks: Examining Expertise of Sector Specific Agencies”
 – Oversight And Investigations Subcommittee Hearing
The purpose of the hearing was to convene experts from DOE, EPA, and HHS to address cyber-threat prevention and protection by their respective SRMAs.
Witnesses emphasized the integration of new technologies to combat the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, which poses a significant risk to critical infrastructure.  Watch Live Recording here

Did you know..

If it were measured as a country, Cybercrime — which is predicted to inflict damages totaling $8 trillion USD globally in 2023, according to Cybersecurity Ventures — would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China, surpassing the wealth of entire nations.

A perspective from Network Perception..  Two Years of Cyber Resiliency Progress
The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in 2021 that resulted in the shutdown of the pipeline and caused fuel shortages and price increases served as a wake-up call for securing critical infrastructure installations. The incident highlighted fundamental vulnerabilities and raised concerns about the growing threat of ransomware attacks. In response to the attack, the U.S. government formed a task force to investigate the incident and strengthen cybersecurity defenses for critical infrastructure.
May Newsletter #4.png The White House issued Executive Order 14028, which focuses on improving the nation’s cybersecurity and rolled out a National Cybersecurity Strategy. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have issued multiple guidelines and directives to enhance cybersecurity in critical infrastructure sectors.
Reflecting on the last two years, tremendous progress has been made in implementing preventive cybersecurity measures such as stronger network segmentation and an increased focus on defense-in-depth strategies.
At Network Perception, we have seen more organizations making network visibility and cyber vulnerability assessment a priority. Of course, the threat landscape continues to evolve and the cyber resiliency journey never stops. We still have many challenges to address and we are proud to support the industry in the shared mission of securing the connected infrastructure that run the world.
Robin Berthier, Network Perception


Do you know the difference between Network Traffic Monitoring & Network Access Modeling?
May Newsletter 
Network Perception’s CEO/Co-Founder, Robin Berthier, presented at this year’s SANS ICS 2023 SUMMIT, where he spoke on ‘Elevating Cybersecurity Visibility with Network Access Modeling’ Please find the slides along with the entire 30-minute recording, how Network Access Modeling can help with the latest CISA Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs).

NP News Updates:

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Network Perception is proud to announce our participation alongside other esteemed companies in ETHOS (Emerging THreat Open Sharing), an open-source, vendor-agnostic tech platform for sharing threat info across industries with peers and governments, to combat cyberthreats.
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