February Newsletter

March 16, 2023
The Building Blocks to Reach Holistic Network Visibility
Industry News:
Global Cyber attacks increased +38% in 2022
(Security Magazine, Jan’23)
Trends and potential cybersecurity threats that experts are predicting for 2023:
  • Ransomware attacks: Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common over the years, and experts predict that they will continue to grow in 2023. These attacks involve hackers encrypting an organization’s files and demanding payment to unlock them.
  • Supply chain attacks: Supply chain attacks occur when hackers target a company’s third-party vendors to gain access to their network. This type of attack can have serious consequences, as it can allow the attacker to gain access to multiple organizations’ networks.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) attacks: As AI becomes more prevalent, it is also becoming a target for cybercriminals. Hackers may attempt to manipulate AI systems or use them to launch attacks on other organizations
  • Internet of Things (IoT) attacks: The growing number of IoT devices in use has also increased the potential for cyber attacks. Hackers may exploit vulnerabilities in these devices to gain access to a network.
Cybersecurity Panorama
Energy Impact Partners released its Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Panorama of 2023. We are thrilled to be in good company with the list below. Find Network Perception featured under OT/ICS Networks – Architecture & Design See full article here.
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Other News and Updates:

Feb Newsletter 3.png Predicts 2023: Cybersecurity Industry Focuses on the Human Deal
Food Giant DOLE feeling the repercussions of their recent cyber attack read more Feb Newsletter 4.png
Feb Newsletter 5.png NERC just released their 2022 Annual Report

Hear from our CEO & Co-founder, Robin Berthier

Expecting New Regulations from the National Cybersecurity Strategy
The White House is releasing its highly anticipated National Cybersecurity Strategy today at 2PM EST (webcast). An early draft of the 35-page document indicates a significant departure from the voluntary guidelines that have historically been the norm to new federal cybersecurity regulations that will put greater responsibility on computer hardware and software vendors. This change results from the US government recognizing that past approaches have failed to block highly-disruptive cyber intrusions such as the SolarWinds supply chain breach and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

Two important concepts that the document will promote are for tech companies to offer product that are “secure-by-design” and “secure-by-default,” which means the cybersecurity is thought through from the beginning of a product conception and comes at no additional cost. At Network Perception, we strongly believe that those two concepts are vital to the cyber resiliency of organizations, not only for software vendors but also for the way we architect and verify network segmentation. We look forward to participating in this conversation and contributing to the security of our critical infrastructure.

—  Robin Berthier

Conferences – Join Network Perception this March at:

Utility Cyber Security Forum
March 21-22, 2023
Chicago, IL
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Volunteer Services:

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A few of the Network Perception team joined nineteen others from various organizations, together, repacked over +6,000 lbs. of pasta for distribution to food pantries across Cook County here in the Greater Chicago area.
Generous effort and contribution from everyone!