Unleashing the Power of Network Visualization With NP-View’s Topology Map

June 27, 2023

Introduction: A comprehensive understanding of your network infrastructure is crucial for ensuring its security and operational efficiency. NP-View, a cutting-edge network visualization solution, offers a powerful feature called the Topology Map that empowers you to gain insights into your network’s connectivity and configuration. In this Blog, we will explore the capabilities of NP-View’s Topology Map and discuss how it can revolutionize the way you manage and monitor your network environment.


1. Gain a Clear Picture of Your Network: With NP-View’s Topology Map, you can easily visualize and understand the connectivity and configuration of your network infrastructure. By creating a workspace and importing configuration files, NP-View’s powerful visualization engine generates a dynamic network diagram and architecture view serving as your Home View. This diagram offers a comprehensive and intuitive representation of your network, enabling you to identify key components at a glance.

2. Simplify Network Exploration: The Topology Map seamlessly connects and displays all critical elements of your network, including firewalls, routers, switches, host-routers, networks, hosts, gateways, border gateways, VPN tunnels, and unmapped hosts and networks. Each component is represented by a unique icon, ensuring effortless navigation and exploration. Say goodbye to manual network mapping and hello to an instant, visual overview of your infrastructure.


3. Dive Deep into Device Details: Effortlessly access detailed information about any network component with a simple click on its corresponding icon within the Topology Map. NP-View’s details panel provides you with valuable insights, allowing you to assign names, categories, and criticality to devices. The risk display feature alerts you to active alerts through a red circle, while the comment display feature shows the number of user-entered comments with a blue circle. Gain a comprehensive understanding of each device’s attributes and take informed actions accordingly.


4. Streamline External IP Space Management: Managing external IP spaces can be a complex task, but NP-View simplifies it with the Unmapped Gateway feature. By identifying and grouping IP addresses outside the primary network ranges, NP-View ensures that external/unknown IP spaces are correctly classified. This enables you to monitor and manage external entities effectively, promoting a secure and well-organized network environment.

5. Customize and Optimize the Map: Take full control of your network visualization with NP-View’s flexible map arrangement and management options. Effortlessly rearrange devices on the canvas, group them, and assign common categories or criticality levels.Save Topology’ allows you to store device locations for future reference. The Collapse/Expand Topology Nodes feature helps you focus on primary devices and networks, reducing visual clutter and enhancing your ability to identify critical areas quickly.

6. Tailor the Map to Your Preferences: NP-View’s Topology Settings menu enables you to fine-tune the visualization to suit your specific needs. Show or hide vulnerability shields, networks/interfaces with no assigned IP addresses, comment bubbles, and risk bubbles. Customize the map to display only the information that is relevant to your network management goals. With the Collapse Nodes By Default option, choose the level of node visibility that works best for you.


NP-View’s Topology Map is a game-changing feature that empowers OT Compliance Managers and Directors with an intuitive and comprehensive view of their network infrastructure. By leveraging this powerful visualization tool, you can efficiently analyze and manage your network, enhance security, and optimize operational efficiency. Embrace the power of NP-View’s Topology Map and unlock new possibilities in network visualization and management.


About Network Perception & NP-View

NP-View is a software product developed by a team of networking and security experts at Network Perception. It works offline and generates a network topology diagram by analyzing configuration files from firewalls, routers, and switches. The interface design of NP-View allows users to easily identify and track overly-permissive network access policies, as well as recording justifications for rules, ports, and services.


If you have questions or would like to know more about NP-View, please contact a Network Perception OT/ICS Specialist here.