Steps to Stay Ahead of NERC-CIP 005 Requirements

March 17, 2023
NERC Requirements

NERC CIP requires extensive documentation and record-keeping, which can be time-consuming and challenging to manage.

Network Perception’s NP-View provides a range of powerful tools to verify compliance and collect information about the network. By using NP-View, compliance managers can ensure that their organization meets NERC CIP compliance requirements while building a strong cybersecurity posture.

Here are some of the ways you can stay ahead of NERC-CIP requirements using NP-View:

  1. Identify network assets and their configurations: This can be used to create an inventory of network assets within the NERC CIP entity, along with their configurations. This can help identify potential vulnerabilities related to misconfigured devices or software, and take steps to correct them.
  2. Conduct network segmentation analysis: Analyze network segmentation within the NERC CIP entity, identifying any gaps or misconfigurations that could create potential vulnerabilities. Then take steps to address these gaps and ensure that the network is properly segmented.
  3. Conduct compliance assessments: NP-View can be used to conduct compliance assessments against NERC CIP requirements, identifying areas of non-compliance and potential vulnerabilities. Compliance managers can then take steps to address these issues and ensure that the entity is fully compliant.
  4. Conduct risk assessments: NP-View can be used to conduct risk assessments of the NERC CIP entity, identifying potential vulnerabilities and assessing the likelihood and impact of any potential security incidents. Develop and implement mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of these incidents.
  5. Visibility of Network – NP View’s Topology Map provides a detailed depiction of the network’s topology, revealing interconnectivity and the possible risks that may stem from it. This knowledge empowers end-users to manage and safeguard their network effectively, identifying any potential vulnerabilities and taking timely corrective measures to mitigate them. 

Learn more about how one of our customers, PSEG, utilizes NP-View to comply with NERC-CIP.

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