Do you know the difference between Network Traffic Monitoring & Network Access Modeling?

May 19, 2023

Network Perception offers a different kind of visibility that allows teams to proactively see their network accessibility before network traffic begins.


Most recently, Network Perception’s CEO/Co-Founder, Robin Berthier, presented virtually at this year’s SANS ICS 2023 SUMMIT, where he spoke on ‘Elevating Cybersecurity Visibility with Network Access Modeling: A Real-World Case Study.


Here, Robin addresses how Network Access Modeling can help with the latest CISA Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs).


Using this proactive and innovative solution, Network Access Modeling will help the end-user accelerate the ability to meet these goals, provide outcomes that will drive your organization’s success in the OT space, and build a more robust cyber hygiene environment.

Please find the slides along with the entire 30-minute presentation recording.


About Network Perception & NP-View

NP-View is a software product developed by a team of networking and security experts at Network Perception. It works offline and generates a network topology diagram by analyzing configuration files from firewalls, routers, and switches. The interface design of NP-View allows users to easily identify and track overly-permissive network access policies, as well as recording justifications for rules, ports, and services. If you have questions or would like to know more about NP-View, please contact the Network Perception OT/ICS Specialist here.