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Installing NP-View Desktop

Support Products bannerNP-View is designed to run on a modern computer operating system (Windows 10 or later, macOS 11 Big Sur or later, Ubuntu 20 or later) with a recommended configuration of a 10th Gen Quad Core Processor and 16GB of RAM.  This configuration should be sufficient for processing large data files up to 100,000 lines.  Simultaneously loading and analyzing multiple devices with larger configuration files will maximize the use of available system resources and additional RAM may be required.

Installation Process

  • Sign up on the Portal website to download the latest version of NP-View Desktop and to download a license key.  A SHA256 checksum is supplied with each download.  You can calculate the checksum on the files you download to verify the integrity of the files:
    • Windows Powershell: Get-FileHash /the/full/path/to/your/filename.exe | Format-List
    • Linux: sha256sum /the/full/path/to/your/filename.Appimage
    • macOS 11: shasum -a 256 /full/path/to/your/
  • Windows 10/11:
    • Launch the Windows installer with a double click.
    • The only dependency required on Windows is .NET framework 4
    • Once installed, NP-View will automatically launch.
  • Linux (most Linux versions)
    • Our desktop Linux application is provided in the AppImage format which is compatible with all common Linux distributions and win users running all common Linux distributions.
    • Documentation for running AppImage on Linux can be found here.
  • macOS 11
    • right-click > Open on to bypass the macOS security popup.

NP-View has been designed to run offline, which means that the network connections attempted towards a public NTP server, the local DNS server, and the Network Perception update server are optional and do not affect the system if the internet is unavailable. More information on configuring NP-View can be found here.

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