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Visualize and Audit your Firewalls with NP-View

NP-View solves your firewall audit problem by performing an automated and comprehensive network path analysis of your network.

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Zero installation needed and works offline, be up and running in less than a minute.

Risk Assessment

Drag-and-drop your firewall rulesets and get an instant risk assessment of your access control lists and rules.

Baseline Audit

Tailored to prepare and verify baseline ports and services documentation for stress-free NERC CIP compliance.

Topology Inference

Generate and export a complete map of your organization’s networks by simply adding rulesets from firewalls and routers.

Highly Visual

Gain situational awareness of your network device configurations and global access policy through a highly intuitive user interface.

Path Analysis

Get exhaustive path analysis to better understand your network’s connectivity and the exposure of your protected assets.