Stay Ahead of Regulation

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) developed guidelines applicable to operational natural gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipeline systems, natural gas distribution pipeline systems, and liquefied natural gas facility operators. New cybersecurity directives launched in 2021 require critical pipeline owners and operators to adopt a risk-based security program in which gaps and related remediation measures can be documented. NP-View has been leveraged since 2016 by network auditors to ensure compliance with OT cybersecurity frameworks. Stay ahead of regulatory requirements by investing in a robust network compliance verification solution today.

Understand your Attack Surface

You cannot protect your blind spots. Network access visibility is the fastest way to gain a clear understanding of your attack surface. NP-View works offline and only needs configuration files from firewalls, routers, and managed switches to generate an accurate network topology of your environment. Leverage advanced modeling capabilities, risk assessment grading, and path analysis to verify your exposure and document your security gaps.

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