SIGN UP NOW...NERC CIP-003-9 - What Now? Response Requirements (Part 3)

June 15, 2023

NERC CIP-003-9 is a set of cybersecurity requirements designed to protect the critical cyber assets of power generation facilities. Compliance with these standards is essential for ensuring the security and reliability of the North American power grid.

By April 1, 2026, all Responsible Entities must be compliant with the new  NERC CIP-003-9 standard. This change involves a more proactive cybersecurity approach in compliance with the new section 6, as outlined in “Project 2020-03 Supply Chain Low Impact Revisions”.

This 3-part webinar series is tailored for those with intermediate knowledge about NERC CIP, breaking down the changes and their impact in the field.

Part 1 explores need to know requirements and implementation processes, while Part 2 discusses cybersecurity best practices, including what you MUST do versus what you SHOULD do for compliance.

In Part 3, the conclusion of our webinar series, our panelists will talk about the purpose of NERC CIP-003-9, Section 6, how to manage the information derived from implementation or preparation for the requirement, the triggering of other actionable processes from derived data and the key elements for evidence of compliance.


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