Building Cyber Resilience With Vulnerability Management

June 2, 2022

System-Agnostic Vulnerability Management

In today’s global digital ecosystem, mission-critical infrastructure is constantly under attack. Organizations are investing in cyber resiliency by strengthening their network visibility potential and implementing a risk-based multi-layered security defense strategy.

Defending pivotal assets is challenging. For instance, vulnerability management programs are often tailored around Windows Update, leaving Linux-based systems unmanaged. Given the recent increase in Linux malware signatures and the prevalence of Linux-based IOT firmware, we strongly recommend building a system-agnostic patching program in which key steps can be performed across all operating systems. Such standardization enables a more efficient use of resources by fitting vendor-specific update processes into an existing cybersecurity strategy. Reducing vulnerability exposure through robust network segmentation is key to the verification of network access control and the protection of critical assets can be performed regardless of the operating systems running the network.

Team Outing: Wrigley Field
After the Network Perception team travelled from all over the country for presentations and company updates, we ended the week by getting out of the office and into the sunshine.
We started the day off with a tour of Wrigley Field followed by a nail-biting Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game.  As our team expands, we’re looking forward to hosting more outings and creating more team bonding opportunities!

Customer Appreciation

PSEG’s Lead Cyber Security Analyst, David Fletcher (Left) and Network Perception’s Regional Sales Manager, Scott Crow (Right) met up for a lunch & learn in New Jersey to discuss NP-View! Just to be clear Mr. Fletcher is a true New York Mets fan, he asked us to clarify that.