Cybelius and Network Perception combine forces

November 2, 2021

Cybelius and Network Perception combine forces to offer the next generation of critical infrastructure monitoring and protection


Lyon, France September 29th, 2021: To better support the cybersecurity needs of industrial systems and critical infrastructures, Robin Berthier, CEO of Network Perception, and Frédéric Planchon, President of Cybelius, have agreed to strengthen their commercial and technical partnership in the coming months. The goal is to offer the first “all-in-one” protection of mission-critical assets through the integration of CyFENCE and NP-View Enterprise. This solution provides a unique ability to protect new or existing systems without modifying them, and gives CISO optimal visibility on cyber risks.

Commercial Partnership

As a Network Perception partner, Cybelius uses and markets the audit and visualization platform of Network Perception in France.

Network Perception will promote Cybelius’ perimeter protection offer in the United States and bring its network of consultants to enable local support. The two companies have also agreed to collaborate on export opportunities, particularly on audit requests, which are growing strongly for industrial systems.

Technical Partnership

Network Perception will make its NP-View product compatible with Cybelius’ firewall solutions. Cybelius will integrate NP-View into the CyFENCE product. This integration will complement CyFENCE’s industry-grade protection with advanced monitoring of attack paths and automated review of all configuration changes at the core and at the edge of the OT environment. CyFENCE all-in-one protection augmented with NP-View combines active measures and security monitoring for the first time. The solution can be deployed on any system without requiring modification and has been designed for ease-of-use and frictionless adoption.

According to Frédéric Planchon, “the cooperation with Network Perception is a great milestone for Cybelius since both companies share the same vision to better protect industrial systems and have the same level of requirements. We seek not only to protect but to give our customers autonomy in the security strengthening process. NP-View is an exceptional platform for this and perfectly complements the functions of CyFENCE.”

Robin Berthier adds that “industrial systems have become an increasing target of attacks because of their vital function for our infrastructures. The partnership between Network Perception and Cybelius offers a unique solution that combines both the principle of defense in depth and unparalleled visibility into operational networks.”


Network Perception was founded by a research team at the University of Illinois to protect industrial control systems by ensuring network access security as an essential perimeter defense. NP-View configuration monitoring software provides complete network transparency, advanced risk assessment, and continuous mapping to ensure cybersecurity compliance of critical infrastructures.


Cybelius was founded by control-command experts, in collaboration with cybersecurity specialists. Together they develop products and solutions that 1) take into account the realities of trades and cultures, 2) meet normative standards: ISA – IEC 62443, ISO 27k, ANSSI, NERC, and 3) are in line with the state of the art and recognized technologies.