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Workspace Dashboard

NP-View Enterprise provides a Dashboard that presents summary information related to the active workspace.  The Dashboard is available to all users and can be accessed from the main menu.  The Dashboard contains the following widgets:

Topology Summary: Count of all Networks, Paths, Rules and Object Groups for the devices loaded into the workspace.  This widget drills to the appropriate report (Connectivity Paths, Access Rules, Object groups).

Asset Summary:  Count of all devices loaded into the workspace including: Firewall, Switch, Host, Gateway and Routers.  This widget drills to the Asset Inventory report filtered by the device type selected.

Best Practice Summary:  Summary of issues identified that do not follow industry best practice including:  Unused Groups, Unjustified Rules, ACL w/o Deny, Unnamed Nodes.  The Best Practice report can be launched from this widget.

Network Access Overview: Provides a summary of Paths and the associated services on those paths. This widget drills into the Connectivity Paths for the service selected.

Change Tracking: Provides a summary of workspace changes for a specific day and has three components:

  • Risks & Warnings shows a summary or workspace related Risks, Changes, Warnings, Errors, and Comments.  The filter lets the user select to view by type, status and criticality.
  • Path Summary shows the number of paths added or removed.
  • File Upload shows a summary of the number of new files added and files removed from the workspace.

The calendar function allows the user to select day for which to view the change tracking information

Policies: Provides a summary of Active and Disabled Policies as well as Active and Disabled Requirements.  This provides visibility into unmonitored devices and unused requirements.

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