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Expertise + Technology

Pre-Audit and Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Our team leverages its expertise on cyber security and NERC CIP audit and the NP-View mapping and path analysis technologies to review and compare the baseline configuration of your BES cyber systems against the actual access restrictions implemented by your firewall and router configuration files. This service provides you with:

  • A complete documentation of the topology map of your network
  • An inventory of all cyber assets and object-groups defined in the configuration files of your firewalls and routers
  • A risk analysis report of your configuration files, highlighting unsafe access lists and firewall rules
  • A complete spreadsheet of all network connections authorized in your network
  • A list and a visual representation of permitted communication flows that are not documented as being part of a BES baseline
  • A remediation report to document recommended changes and best practices to ensure NERC CIP compliance
Network Perception - background image

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